Eric Jones
Posted on 2:12 pm - 11 noviembre, 2019


My name is Eric and I was looking at a few different sites online and came across your site I must say – your website is very impressive. I am seeing your website on the first page of the Search Engine.

Have you noticed that 70 percent of visitors who leave your website will never return? In most cases, this means that 95 percent to 98 percent of your marketing efforts are going to waste, not to mention that you are losing more money in customer acquisition costs than you need to.

As a business person, the time and money you put into your marketing efforts is extremely valuable. So why let it go to waste? Our users have seen staggering improvements in conversions with insane growths of 150 percent going upwards of 785 percent. Are you ready to unlock the highest conversion revenue from each of your website visitors?

TalkWithCustomer is a widget which captures a website visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number and then calls you immediately, so that you can talk to the Lead exactly when they are live on your website — while they’re hot! Best feature of all, International Long Distance Calling is included!

Try TalkWithCustomer Live Demo now to see exactly how it works. Visit

When targeting leads, speed is essential – there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a Lead is contacted within 30 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

If you would like to talk to me about this service, please give me a call. We have a 14 days trial. Visit to start converting up to 100X more leads today!

Thanks and Best Regards,

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Posted on 6:59 am - 27 enero, 2020

Hola, ¿qué tal?

Hemos visto que ofrecéis servicios de marketing digital en y por eso contactamos con vosotros.

Soy Olak de CITIFACE MANAGEMENT, principalmente, os quiero hablar de nuestro marca blanca DIGITAL MARKETING FACTORY para agencias de marketing digital como la vuestra. Otras agencias ya lo están utilizando con muy buenos resultados.

En realidad, es el conjunto más grande de servidores de marketing digital jamás conseguido en España.


– ¿Crear backlinks a 300 LPM (Links per minute) con artículos únicos, contextuales y C blocks distintas?
– ¿Reducir el bounce rate a 30% cuando quieres?
– ¿Resolver Recaptcha a más de 2000 captchas por minuto?
– ¿Conseguir followers para tus clientes?
– ¿y todo 24/7?

Puedes descargar el PDF con todo los servicios que ofrecemos de marca blanca DIGITAL MARKETING FACTORY ahora mismo:-

Si os interesa, podéis agendar una llamada esta semana utilizando el mismo formulario de solicitud de informacíon.

Un saludo,

+34 602 658 589

Wolfgang Geach
Posted on 10:58 pm - 27 enero, 2020


I heard about SocialAdr from a friend of mine but was hesitant at first, because it sounded too good to be true. She told me, “All you have to do is enter your web page details and other members promote your URLs to their social media profiles automatically. It literally takes 5 minutes to get setup.”

So I figured, “What the heck!”, I may as well give it a try.

I signed up for the ‘Free’ account and found the Setup Wizard super easy to use. With the ‘Free’ account you have to setup all your own social media accounts (only once though) in order to get started. Next, I shared 5 other members’ links, which was as simple as clicking a single button. I had to do this first in order to earn “credits” which can then be spent when other members share my links. Then I added a couple of my own web pages and a short while later started receiving notification that they had been submitted to a list of social media sites.

Wow. And this was just with the ‘Free’ account!

I was impressed.

Check it out for yourself:

It was clear to me that the paid accounts were worth it, so I upgraded to the ‘Social Addict’ package (the big daddy!). With their ‘Lazy’ accounts you don’t have to do any sharing, all you do is enter your own web page details and their army of free users does all the work.

It’s been about 2 weeks now and I’ve received thousands of social media mentions…on AUTOPILOT.

If you’re like me and know good value when you see it, you should definitely give SocialAdr a try.

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